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Episode 79 | Yeses and Nos

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 02/23/2017

On today’s podcast, I talked about your body, your soul, your mind, and your spirit. In all of those areas, what are you saying yes to? What are you saying no to? What limits are you recognizing and how are you gently noticing what you need, and then moving toward those things? In this season of such high anxiety and stress, it’s important to pay attention to these four areas, and start getting serious about what you are saying yes to, and what you are saying no to. Enjoy! Resources: Music on this podcast brought to you by Ben Rosenbush and the Brighton, from their album A Wild Hunger. Sabbath, by Wayne Mueller; A Prayer Guide for Lent by Daniel Lukas. And email me at steve (at) if you live in Syndey and want to meet lik [...]

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