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Episode 84 | Preemptive Love with Jeremy Courtney

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 03/30/2017

“Violence unmakes the world, but preemptive love has the power to unmake violence.”Jeremy Courtney is the founder and CEO of the Preemptive Love Coalition, which brings relief to families fleeing war in Syria and Iraq. They help refugees rebuild their lives. And we provide lifesaving medical care for children in conflict zones. Jeremy and his wife Jessica moved to New York City just after 9/11, then to Istanbul, and finally to Iraq during the Iraq War in 2006. Their story is less heroic than it is humble; they have simply fallen in love with the Iraqi people, so they are in it for the long haul because in their words, the Iraqi people are “our people.” Enjoy. Become a monthly sponsor of Preemptive Love. Read Jeremy’s book, Preemptive Love. Read Jeremy’s article in the Washingto [...]

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