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Episode 89 | Rabbi Alan Returns, Part 1

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 05/04/2017

It’s Rabbi Alan! What more do I need to say? There will be laughter, stories, mind blowing questions, observations, and conversation about what it means to finally share that hidden, intimate thing with God that you have never shared before. See? I told you. Plus, there will be more next week from our resident guru. Enjoy! The music this week is from my friend Stuart Garrard (better known as Stu G). He has just written a stunning book called Words from the Hill, all about his observations on the Beatitudes of Jesus, and it’s so good. He’s also released a record called The Beattitudes, (featuring John Mark McMillan, All Sons and Daughters, Audrey Assad, Propaganda, and many others) which is so beautiful, I could cry. The song today is called

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