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Episode 98 | The Light is Winning with Zach Hoag

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 06/13/2017

Zach Hoag is one of many people who are noticing declining church attendance in the United States. Unlike many people who see it as a collapse, a loss, or even a death, Zach sees a surprising resurrection happening just below the surface. He calls this post-Christian reality an “apocalypse” in the truest sense of the word: a revealing is happening, and it just might be the best thing to happen to the church. “Could it be,” Hoag writes in his brand new book, The Light is Winning: Why Religion Just might Bring us Back to Life, “that what this apocalypse is revealing is our need not merely to be spiritual or merely to cling to religious ritual but to embrace a spiritually resurrected religion? To inhabit the rooted religious practices that can sustain us over the long haul and bring life to the world?” I loved my conversation with Zach. He’s humble, funny, brilliant, and I sincerely beli [...]

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