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Episode 99 | God, Part 2: Deconstructing Dualism

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 06/15/2017

So, let’s talk about God. What is God? Where is God? Who is God? And how does God inhabit our stories, our hopes, our fears and our dreams? Where is God taking all of this, if God is taking all of this anywhere at all? In this series - and I have no idea how many episodes it will take - I’m going to do what I do: I’m going to share my own journey of understanding God, I’m going to talk about some odd, poignant and interesting stories in the Scriptures, and I’m going to invite you to show up with your story as well. In the second episode of this series, I talked about the universal temptation to label and judge everything in comparison to something else, and to decide that one is good, and one is bad. We learn this as children, and it’s very helpful. But if we don’t learn to hold the tension of two seemingly opposing thoughts, we’ll always choose sides, we’ll only seek out the facts that support our side, and [...]

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