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Eugene Cho

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Published on 11/14/2014

This week we talk to pastor, activist and author Eugene Cho about his new book, “Overrated.” If you want to change the world but don’t know where to start, you need to hear what Eugene has to say. Plus, Jon Guerra stops by our studio to play a couple of songs from his new EP, Shauna gives us her Thanksgiving tips and Jesse wrestles with the idea of being eaten alive by an anaconda. EPISODE SPONSOR These days you can get practically everything on demand. So why are you still going to the Post Office when you can get postage on demand at Click the logo and use promo code “RELEVANT” to get a month free, plus a $110 bonus offer including a digital scale and up to $55 of free postage. EPISODE SPONSOR Casper is an online retailer of premium mattresses for a fraction of the price. Casper’s mattress is one of a kind, with just the right combination of both latex and memory foam. Buying a Casper mattress is completely risk free. Casper offers free delivery and returns within a 100-day period. Click the logo to get $50 off any mattress purchase. EPISODE MUSIC BØRNS, “Seeing Stars” Ex Cops, “Black Soap” Kings Kaleidoscope, “I Know” Mikky Ekko, “Smile” We Are Twin, “In the Moment” Jessie Ware, “Tough Love” BONUS CONTENT Hear the full interview with Eugene Cho Jon Guerra, “Stained Glass (Live @ RELEVANT)” FEATURED VIDEOS Why We Might Be the Most Overrated Generation Jon Guerra: Glass EP – Album Preview ADDITIONAL LINKS Eugene Cho Check out Eugene’s new book Follow Eugene on Twitter Jon Guerra Follow Jon on Twitter Listen to Jon’s EP on The Drop The Catchiest Top-40 Songs of the Last 70 Years QUESTION OF THE WEEK What are your best (or worst) Thanksgiving tips?

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