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Exodus: Myth or History?

Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn

Published on 04/12/2020

Many archaeologists today claim that the ancient Israelites were never actually in Egypt and that the entire story of the Exodus is just an old legend. But is this really the case? What can we learn about the Exodus from history and archaeology? Have there been any discoveries that corroborate the Bible’s account of this monumentally significant event? On this program, Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions with Egyptologist David Rohl, author of Exodus: Myth or History. Even though he’s an agnostic, after years of research he has concluded that the biblical account of the Exodus was based on real historical personalities and events. For more information about books, documentaries and lectures by David Rohl - To get access to all of the White Horse Inn extended episodes become a partner - Study kits which are perfect for small groups or family devotions are available to download with a donation of $15 - To ask any apologetics related questions or if you have suggestions for future topics -

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