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Perry Noble is the former Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. Perry will be the first to say that there's no secret formula for being a successful leader, but there is a PERFECT example – Jesus Christ. This podcast is for those who are ready to be challenged in their faith and stretched as leaders and for those willing to do whatever it takes to be more like Jesus.

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Perry Noble Leadership Podcast

Failing Forward

Episode Summary It's easy for us to think that a growing church or organization must be doing everything right. But, as any leader will testify, sometimes growth happens in spite of bad decisions. The key is to learn from your failures.That's why we want to talk about this idea of 'Failing Forward.' Nobody wants to experience failure, but we all do. In one way or another, it's something we all have in common. So, in this podcast we'll share some things we've learned by our failures. Episode Resources For free resources and additional information, check out www.newspringnetwork.com.If there's any way we can serve you, or you have any questions, email us at [email protected] with Perry: Perry on TwitterPerry on FacebookPerry on InstagramPerry’s Blog Episode Quotes Failure is an opportunity for focus. — If we don't learn from our failures, we will end up repeating our failures. — The worst mistake a leader can make when it comes to failure is try to fix it alone. — One of the biggest problems that we, as leaders, deal with is pride. — A leader will make their problem, or failure, worse when they try to hide their problem. — The consequences of concealment are far greater than the consequences of confession. — Failure is only final if you let it be. — All Content is © 2005 - 2017 All Rights Reserved