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Faithful Families: Moms Who Are Encouraging

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 05/13/2012

We can tell that Samuel really honored his mother by the things that he wrote about her in the first two chapters of 1 Samuel. There are some wonderful qualities in Hannahs life that blessed Samuel. Hannah is really not a perfect role model for mothers today because she was called upon to give her son up at a very young age, but Hannah does serve as an inspirational example for mothers who want their children to grow up to be spiritual leaders, used by God. Before Samuel was born Hannah had no children, and for years she pleaded for God to open her womb (1 Sam. 1:1-2, 6). Neither God nor her husband was meeting the need that she had of wanting a child (1 Sam. 1:8). She desperately pleaded with God to provide a child for her.

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