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Cross Point Church is focused on communicating the timeless truth of God's Word in a culturally relevant way by incorporating the use of video, music, props, and drama to create a multi-dimensional approach to understanding and applying God's Word to our lives today.

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Fear of the Unknown

Ever wondered why people around you seem to avoid making changes in their lives that apprear to be no-brainers? Maybe you even see it in your own life. Sometimes we know what God wants us to do, yet for some reason we refuse to listen. Why is that? In week two of Sweet Dreams, Pastor Pete examines our fear of the unknown. God never told us that we would not fear as Christians, but He does say to have faith and trust in Him. What if our problem is not a fear problem, but a faith problem? What would our lives be live if we just gave God full control over our lives and trusted that He knows what's best?