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Follow Him - The Good Shepherd

Bob Christopher - Just a Minute!

Published on 03/05/2018

Sheep need a shepherd. They constantly go astray without one. It’s just their nature. You and I do the same thing when we try to figure out life on our own. We go astray. That was me. Regardless of how smart I thought I was, or how much I believed I was in control, I had a hard time staying on the right path. So often, I leaned on my pride and ego to shepherd me through life. But they don’t make very good shepherds. But Jesus is different. He is the good shepherd, your good shepherd. He laid down His life for you and secured you as His own. He knows you and you know His voice. So let me encourage you today to follow him, the Shepherd and overseer of your soul. He will lead you down the right paths. He will restore your soul.

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