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Friday, April 17, 2020

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - The Briefing

Published on 04/17/2020

PART 1: ——————————————— How Has the World Health Organization Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic? A Look at the Relationship Between the WHO and China NEW YORK TIMES (MICHAEL D. SHEAR) Urged On by Conservatives and His Own Advisers, Trump Targeted the W.H.O. WASHINGTON POST (EMILY RAUHALA) Trump’s critique of WHO may be a diversion, but it resonates beyond the White House WASHINGTON POST (ISHAAN THAROOR) It’s not just Trump who’s angry at China WALL STREET JOURNAL (THE EDITORIAL BOARD) World Health Coronavirus Disinformation NEW YORK TIMES (JAVIER C. HERNáNDEZ) Trump Slammed the W.H.O. Over Coronavirus. He’s Not Alone. WALL STREET JOURNAL (LANHEE J. CHEN) Lost in Beijing: The Story of the WHO PART 2: ——————————————— Scary Questions about the Emergence of the Coronavirus: How China’s Secrecy Is Hurting the Rest of the World’s Fight Against the Pandemic WASHINGTON POST (JOSH ROGIN) State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses WASHINGTON POST (DAVID IGNATIUS) How did covid-19 begin? Its initial origin story is shaky. WALL STREET JOURNAL (WALTER RUSSELL MEAD) China Still Misleads the World on the Coronavirus PART 3: ——————————————— “How Do We Get Home?”: Remembering the Successful Return of the Apollo 13 Mission on the 50th Anniversary ASSOCIATED PRESS (MARCIA DUNN) ‘Houston, we’ve had a problem’: Remembering Apollo 13 at 50

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