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Friday, October 23, 2020

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - The Briefing

Published on 10/23/2020

DOCUMENTATION AND ADDITIONAL READING PART 1 (0:0 - 11:6): ────────────────── What Are the Key Takeaways from Last Night’s Debate? The Candidates Make Final Arguments PART 2 (11:7 - 18:28): ────────────────── Biden Says Courts Are “Getting Out of Whack” — The Left Won’t Be Satisfied by Biden’s Proposed Commission WASHINGTON POST (ANNIE LINSKEY) Biden, squeezed on the Supreme Court, promises a commission to consider changes LOS ANGELES TIMES (JANET HOOK) Biden’s answer to court-packing question is a commission, spurring fire from the left PART 3 (18:29 - 19:54): ────────────────── Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination to the Supreme Court Advances from Judiciary Committee to Full Senate PART 4 (19:55 - 25:47): ────────────────── Economic Inequality and “Super Cities” — As Economic Activity Moves to Lead Cities, Secularization and Moral Change Follow WASHINGTON POST (HAMZA SHABAN) Not even a pandemic can break rich cities’ grip on the U.S. economy

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