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Friday, September 18, 2020

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - The Briefing

Published on 09/18/2020

DOCUMENTATION AND ADDITIONAL READING PART 1 (0:0 - 15:39): ────────────────── Moral Insanity Premiering on Netflix: An Abuse of Human Sexuality in Light of the Dignity of Being Made in the Image of God WASHINGTON POST (MAïMOUNA DOUCOURé) I directed ‘Cuties.’ This is what you need to know about modern girlhood. WASHINGTON POST (ALYSSA ROSENBERG) The people freaking out about ‘Cuties’ should try it. They might find a lot to like. THE GUARDIAN (JESSA CRISPIN) Netflix should testify before Congress over Cuties? The culture war is out of control PART 2 (15:40 - 19:23): ────────────────── Why Is Society Opposed to Any Form of Sexual Restraint? Understanding Moral Agency in a Time of Sexual Revolution PART 3 (19:24 - 25:45): ────────────────── The Crumbling of the Foundations of Society: What Happens When You Rip Human Sexuality Out of a Biblical Content?

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