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The Happy Hour Podcast is hosted by Jamie Ivey. Each week she brings a captivating woman to be show. During the happy hour they discuss the little things, the big things, and everything in between. It's just as if you were around the table with your own girlfriends. Their conversations include issues of faith, parenting, marriage, failures and successes in life, as well as anything else you could imagine! Jamie loves to connect with women and encourage them as they journey through life. These conversations will make you laugh and cry all in one hour. The Happy Hour will be something you look forward to each week. You will be encouraged as you listen to other women talk about the simplest things in life to the grandest. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the conversation!

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The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Happy Hour #187: Courtney Wetzel

My guest for The Happy Hour # 187 is Courtney Wetzel. Courtney is a senior at Texas A&M University and believes in empowering, equipping and encouraging individuals even in the mundane. Through her gift of storytelling, she is able to empathize and rally behind her generation. Courtney is the youngest guest I've had so far on the Happy Hour, and I loved our conversation, her energy, and enthusiasm, and I know you will too. Courtney and I talk about her current season of transitioning from college and how important it is for women to cheer each other on. Courtney is speaking my language when she talks about the importance of women saying to each other "I'm on your team". Courtney then shares how she developed the habit of looking for "dimes", or unexpected joys in each day. It started with a writing assignment during a season where it seemed joys would be few. I love how she has committed to finding her "dimes" in each day and that you can always "fight to find what was good about today". At the end of the show, Courtney will prove anyone who has preconceived notions about millenials wrong, because this gal is doing great things to develop community and creativity! But, we also talk about the danger in this age of hustle, and feeling like we need to keep pace with those we see around us instead of remaining grounded in where our true identity lies. {You can listen to the show HERE. And of course, I would love if you would share with your friends. Just use the FB & Twitter links at the end of this post!} Links from the Show Courtney's Blog Passion City Church: Boost or Bury Sermon Annie F. Downs Podcast "That Sounds Fun" - series on rhythms What Courtney is loving: her ABLE wallet, Counting Every Blessing by Rend Collective, her home, "The Treehouse" What Courtney is reading: If You Only Knew, Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge What Jamie is reading: No One Ever Asked by Katie Ganshert, Why I Hate Green Beans by Lincee Ray Happy Hour Live! Event Tickets On Sale Now! The Happy Hour Facebook Group Connect with Courtney Instagram Connect with Jamie Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube Sponsors Prep Dish - get one month for $4 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Juice Beauty // Save 20% with code: happyhour20 Winc Wines - get $20 off