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The Happy Hour Podcast is hosted by Jamie Ivey. Each week she brings a captivating woman to be show. During the happy hour they discuss the little things, the big things, and everything in between. It's just as if you were around the table with your own girlfriends. Their conversations include issues of faith, parenting, marriage, failures and successes in life, as well as anything else you could imagine! Jamie loves to connect with women and encourage them as they journey through life. These conversations will make you laugh and cry all in one hour. The Happy Hour will be something you look forward to each week. You will be encouraged as you listen to other women talk about the simplest things in life to the grandest. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the conversation!

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The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Happy Hour #203: Jamie Grace

My guest for The Happy Hour # 203 is Jamie Grace. Jamie is a 2-time GRAMMY nominated singer-songwriter who started out sharing a mixture of improv comedy, cover songs and sharing her life story on YouTube at just 14 years old. At the time, Jamie was newly diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD and Anxiety. Twelve years later, Jamie is a touring artist as well as podcaster, and author. But Jamie says at the core of it all she's still an awkward kid on YouTube hoping to inspire others -- and make friends :) You guys have been asking and asking and it's here!!! On this week's show I get to talk with the amazing Jamie Grace and I know you are going to love this Happy Hour. Jamie and I jump in and start talking about how it all started - she tells us about when she was 14 years old, she posted a video on YouTube as a way to channel her energy and creativity. Between the ages of 9 -13 years old, Jamie struggled with her emotions, friendships, and the diagnoses of Tourette Syndrome OCD, ADHD, and Anxiety. She realized creative outlets were a path to freedom and discovery about God's purpose for her, and how she could rebuild her life. Of course, I had to ask her what her parents thought of her posting videos on YouTube when she was just 14! Jamie tells us how they immediately shut it down, but that when they rebooted it, and to this day, her parents are her managers! In the last part of the show, we get to hear the love story of Jamie and her husband Aaron. You're going to love hearing her describe how she knew she was going to marry him the night she met him (even though she didn't even get his name!), and how they didn't reconnect for a year! As many of you know, Jamie has shared so much on being single and living in a season of waiting, such as on her podcast Wait It Out, and she talks openly about what was challenging. Jamie reminds us that no matter what your season of waiting is for, and no matter what the outcome, we can remind ourselves and each other of the joy, peace, and promises that God has for us. {You can listen to the show HERE, and make sure you never miss a Happy Hour - subscribe using your favorite podcast app (ie. iTunes, Google Play). And of course, I would love if you would share with your friends!} Links from the Show Jamie's website Wait It Out podcast Jamie's new album: '91 Jamie's single (and video from her wedding!): Wait It Out // Download Wait It Out What Jamie's reading: Loveology by John Mark Comer What Jamie's loving: marriage and the grace Aaron gives her, and black beans! Connect with Jamie Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube Connect with Jamie + The Happy Hour Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube Last chance to join the Happy Hour Summer Book Club! Do you love The Happy Hour? If so, we'd love if you'd leave a review! If You Only Knew by Jamie Ivey Sponsors Google Play - $10 off Build A Bear Workshop