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How To Bring Out The Best In Kids (Or Anyone Else)

Rick Warren - Saddleback Church

Published on 06/17/2018

Being a parent takes courage, effort, and sacrifice. In fact, raising a child may be the most demanding task of life. The way we bring up a child not only affects that child’s life, but it impacts generations to come. In this message, Pastor Rick invites four Saddleback fathers to share their thoughts on bringing out the best in our kids. You’ll learn the importance of accepting the uniqueness of our children by no longer comparing and conforming to the ways of the world. Find out how to affirm your kids’ value by knowing that God custom-made us, died for us, and has his Spirit living inside of us. Don’t miss this message that will teach you how to accept your children — just as they are, created in God’s image.

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