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Jeff and Alyssa are a married couple with two toddlers running around their home talking about faith, culture, and take listener's questions with a little dash of random sprinkled in.
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How to Create a Space of Shalom - Interview with Sally Clarkson

Love That Lasts with Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

Published on 01/08/2019

This week for the Real Life Podcast Jeff and Alyssa Bethke interview author Sally Clarkson on how to create a space of Shalom and peace in your home, whether you're married or single. Today's episode is sponsored by Legacybox. There's never been a better time to digitally preserve your memories. Get 40% off your first order at Today's show is also sponsored by Stop going to the Post Office and get a four-week free trial plus postage and a digital scale when you visit

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