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How to Prepare for Tragedy

The Gospel Coalition

Published on 08/28/2020

"God's sovereignty means that my son's death is not meaningless; it's not an accident. God is in control of all things, and that means that his death is meaningful."From Psalm 130 and his own personal experience of tragedy and loss, Cameron Cole addressed the process of continuing to trust in Jesus through deep, lasting pain and suffering. He emphasized the importance of a rich, biblical theology to prepare believers to suffer with great hope. This episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast is brought to you by Rooted Reservoir, an online resource by Rooted Ministry. Rooted Reservoir offers youth ministry curriculum, training videos, teaching illustrations, and an online community, to help youth ministers disciple students toward lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. Sign up by Wednesday, September 30, and save $20 with code TGC at

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