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The Kingdom Roots Podcast with Scot McKnight is a conversation about how the Kingdom took root then and how it takes root now. Kingdom Root conversations with Scot McKnight will give clarity to the context of the New Testament and how that context informs the Church today. Dr. Scot McKnight is the Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament at Northern Seminary. Learn more about Northern Seminary’s Master’s of Arts in New Testament at http://www.seminary.edu/mant/

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Kingdom Roots with Scot McKnight

How to Teach the Church to Read the Bible (Questions Edition - Part 2) - KR 71

Sign up for the Atonement Webinar here: https://goo.gl/ikBLuu Teaching your church how to read the Bible may be the most powerful way to equip a community to become like Jesus. It is so easy to tame the Bible to say what we want it to say. More often than not, we clip the wings of the Bible’s message instead of letting it soar and challenge us to climb to new heights with God. Learn from one of today’s leading New Testament Scholars how to teach your church how to read the Bible. There is no telling the places God will take your community. Get the replay of the webinar here: http://goo.gl/aU9FeH Suggested Resources from last episode: New Testament and the People of God by N.T. Wright – http://goo.gl/UTKkqE Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright – http://goo.gl/gfmN8w Redemptive Movement by William Webb – http://goo.gl/EsYJRg King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight – http://goo.gl/eEuXRK Kingdom Conspiracy by Scot McKnight – http://goo.gl/2Dirp9 Then the Whisper Put on Flesh by Brian Blount – http://goo.gl/7p2PED True to our Native Land Edited by Brian Blount – http://goo.gl/oA4Yr1 Africa Bible Commentary – http://goo.gl/kHLXSC Women’s Bible Commentary – http://goo.gl/sxJ2wy Feminist Companion to Matthew Edited by Amy Levine – http://goo.gl/LVaqUS New Horizons in Hermeneutics by Anthony C. Thiselton - http://goo.gl/M9rj3J