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How Ya Feeling?: I'm Tired

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 09/01/2019

Labor Day was formed as a tribute and celebration of the contributions and achievements of women and men in the workforce. Every year on this weekend, we as a country celebrate the productivity and results of the American workforce. Although this day has great intentions, it has also instilled in us some unhealthy tendencies. While we’ve never been more productive, we’ve also never been more tired. And in an effort to celebrate work ethic, we have begun to find identity in what we do rather than in who God has said we are. We willingly stretch ourselves to the point of exhaustion over and over again, believing the lie that our value is proved in busyness. When “I’m Tired” becomes the anthem of our lives, we must ask ourselves what or who we are following, because God has promised us rest from the exhaustion of the world. Hiding beneath the surface of tired lives and souls is a lack of trust in the One who promised a freedom from lack. No time-management, three-hour nap, amount of caffeine or intentional planning can in and of itself bring us to a place of rest. In a culture that rushes like river rapids, we must follow the God of quiet waters. In a culture that grasps for control, we trust in the Good Shepherd to guide our way. In a culture that strives to rise, we embrace that He makes us lie down and rest. In a culture of exhaustion, we trust that He is the only one who makes an empty cup overflow. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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