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How Ya Feeling?: I've Had Enough

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 09/08/2019

In conclusion to this series, we choose to commit to being honest about the fact that everyday frustrations will continue to meet us in this journey of life. As a church, we will not save face with an “it’s all good” mentality that avoids the valleys of life. Nor will we choose to make our home in the valleys. But, we will commit to authentically recognizing and responding to the frustrations of life in a way that honors God. We do this by looking to Psalm 107 as a template of restoration. This Psalm is the story of a broken humanity pursuing a redemptive God. It is the anthem of the person longing to live in the Spirit but still battling the flesh. This is the Psalm for the person walking through a season that seems fruitless and wondering what good could come from it. It is a word of encouragement for the one stuck in patterns they feel will never be broken. It is hope for the person who feels the waves of life are breaking them and redemption for the rebellious living at arms-reach from God. This is the Psalm for saints and sinners, the faithless and faithful, this is a Psalm for you. Most of all, this Psalm reminds us that we are only ever one action away from imitating Christ through our emotions- crying out to God. As believers, we share our stories of celebration and struggle to remember that no frustration can frustrate the plans of God- even when we’ve had enough, He will still be enough. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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