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How Ya Feeling?: Kinda Stressed

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 08/18/2019

This emotion floods the heart and overwhelms the mind. It stops your feet dead in their tracks at the sight of both the crowds and the few. It convinces you to run from relationship, responsibility, and reason. Its name is anxiety. Psalm 55 unveils the various anxieties that fill this life- from the battles in our mind to the battles that surround us. Because there is sin in this world, the anxieties of life continue to meet us at our doorstep. The question is not if, but when. When they meet us there, will we let them in or will we cast them onto the only One who can handle them? Verse 22 is an often-quoted section of Psalm 55, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.” Notice it is Him that sustains. We open the door to stress and anxiety when we look solely to ourselves or something outside of God for the sustenance that only He can give. But if God becomes our sustainer and carrier of our load than even the heaviest seasons cannot break His shoulders. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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