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How Ya Feeling?: Not That Great - IN

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 08/25/2019

It’s the answer we give when we can’t fully put a finger on what is going on. It is the response we riddle off to an acquaintance when what we desperately need is a friend. Within these three simple words is a mixture of sadness, loneliness and confusion reduced to the phrase “Not That Great.” When emotions are too great to fully comprehend it can seem like nobody understands or cares. This often leads us to a place of utter loneliness and despair. Psalm 142 reminds us that even when we don’t know what is going on within us, the Spirit can express to God the depths of our soul and rescue us from the pit. Where the flesh allows emotions to hold us captive, but the Spirit helps us live captivated by the goodness of God regardless of the circumstances. For those who need a word of hope, this Psalm reminds you that you have a friend in the Spirit that will utter the words you cannot express, but for those of you who stand on the other side of the prison gates, your testimony can become a battle cry of hope for others. Speaker: Eddie Johnson

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