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How Ya Feeling?: Okay. Fine. Good.

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 08/04/2019

Our tendency to avoid emotions is never more realized than when we respond with “Okay.” “Fine.” and “Good.” The vagueness with which we respond may not be intentional, in fact, it could be the answer we were taught to give. But what if we were missing out on one of the very things God wired within our soul to help us truly live? We are given snapshots throughout Jesus’ entire life of how he navigated emotions, but in the Garden of Gethsemane before Jesus goes to the cross we see him recognize and respond to a variety of emotions as He navigates how to willingly step into what God is asking of Him. In Jesus, we see that leaning into emotions is not synonymous with living in them. We can embrace emotions in a healthy way and in turn learn to give them to God in faith that He will redeem them for His good. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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