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Slaveck Moraru delivers inspirational weekly messages as a youth/associate pastor at City on a Hill Church in Kenmore WA. He has been involved in ministry and preaching for about 13 years and has a passion for the things of God and a love for people. We hope you are inspired and challenged by these messages to walk closer to God and glorify him with your life. You can also read his blog posts at and follow him on any of following platforms: This message was preached at City On A Hill Youth Service. We hope that it inspires you to live your life in light of eternity and walk closer to God. If this podcast is a blessing to you would you go ahead and subscribe and also share with you friends. Thank you
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Interview: Dennis Melnichuk

Eternal Stance Podcast

Published on 06/29/2018

Dennis went from stealing from stores and doing jail time to serving as a missionary and an evangelist to so many different countries. In this video, we talk about some of the challenges and highlights of his walk with Jesus!Support Dennis' Ministry: Donate Website: Awakenedgen.comSubscribe to my channel: Visit my website: Invite me to speak at your church:

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