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Jill Castilla - Legacy - "The Only Book Someone Will Read"


Published on 11/01/2018

Jill Castilla is the CEO and President of the Citizens Bank of Edmond in Edmond, Oklahoma. Their bank started in 1901 and has flourished with over $250 million in assets. Jill Castilla saved the bank in 2009 after a near-death-experience nearly took it out during the financial crises. Jill Castilla is known for taking social media seriously and helping her community get active on social media. She uses social media as a way to connect, create deeper customer relationships, help build local businesses, and spread positive community spirit in their town. On this episode, Jill Castilla from eastern Oklahoma finds a lit path out of darkness. Named Community Banker of the Year by American Banker, Jill tells us about the roadblocks and challenges that were the defining moments of her life. She explains how she gained perspective through her time in the military and how she guided a bank out of a near-death experience after the financial crises. Jill Castilla has been named “Most Admired CEOs in Oklahoma,” “Most Innovative CEOs in Banking,” “Community Banker of the Year,” and “Most Powerful Women in Banking.” “Sharing your story, whenever that stage comes and you’re called to it, step up on it and tell your story so that you can be seen.” For more episodes go to Download the Pray app and start praying with your community today.

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