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Job’s Counselors & the Prosperity Gospel

Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn

Published on 05/24/2020

Continuing their overview of the book of Job, the hosts discuss the various claims made by Job’s counselors concerning health, wealth, and happiness. What’s wrong with their advice, and how should this influence the way we think about the role of suffering in the Christian life? How do we deal with the fact that there is so much pain and misery in the world, and what happens to our faith when having “our best life now” seems to elude us at every turn? (originally aired 03-09-14) To receive our free INNtro kit which includes the current issue of Modern Reformation magazine and our most recent set of extended length White Horse Inn broadcasts, go to For your gift of $50 or more, obtain our new digital collection focused on evangelism. You will receive some of our best White Horse Inn programs and Modern Reformation articles on this topic, just go to To ask any apologetics related questions or if you have suggestions for future topics -

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