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Kadi Cole – Life - “Finding God’s Calling for Me”


Published on 10/14/2019

Kadi Cole has spent the last twenty-five years studying leadership and organizational development, most recently serving as an Executive Director at one of America's largest and fastest growing multi-site churches. She is passionate about helping local churches thrive and equipping leaders to fulfill their Calling. Kadi is a true visionary, ahead of her time in teaching churches to harness the God-given talents in their congregations. While we are all called to serve, Kadi helps men and women navigate the unique challenges that may arise in pursuit of that call together. Kadi is an engaging, practical, and down-to-earth speaker and writer on a variety of topics related to leadership, organizational development, spiritual growth, parenting, and living a full life.Hear more inspirational stories like Kadi's on the Pray app:“He wants to give us rest, and not just physical rest but rest for our souls, and we do that by learning from Him, by learning to be humble and gentle, by working on our hearts, by letting go of trying to be everything to everybody, and by walking so closely with Him, and knowing His voice so clearly on the inside, that we can easily discern our work. The work He’s made for us, work that is light and work that is easy.”

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