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Lead Voices with Jen Hatmaker - Race & Privilege and Being Fierce & Free

Listen as special guest and friend, Jen Hatmaker talks with Jo and Stephanie on Lead Voices about race and privilege, as well as leadership during these extraordinary times. Don't miss this powerful and compelling conversation! Jen's new book "Fierce, Free and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You" is available HERE Also, Order Jo's Book "Ready to Rise" HERE Connect with Lead Stories and Jo and Steph: Twitter: @LeadStoriesVox Instagram: @LeadStoriesPodcast Facebook: LeadStoriesPodcast Connect with Jo at www.josaxton.com @josaxton Connect with Steph at www.pastorsteph.com @pastorsteph Subscribe on iTunes to have the podcast automatically download to your device every week or listen at www.leadstoriespodcast.com For other resources and podcasts head to: www.leadstoriesmedia.com Don’t forget to check out Lead Stories Community at www.leadstoriesmedia.com/community