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Lester Lewis - Leadership - “Leading While Bleeding”


Published on 06/04/2019

Pastor Lester R. Lewis Jr. is a visionary spiritual leader determined to make his mark for the Kingdom of God. He was born in 1971, baptized in 1994, and ordained as a pastor on January 1st, 2006. Lewis is the founder of The “Trinity” Church, located in Detroit, Michigan, which he has led since 2004. Pastor Lewis’ educational background includes Mississippi Valley State University, William Tyndale College, Golden Gate Theological Seminary, Southwestern Theological Seminary, Wayne State University, and Wayne County Community College. Pastor Lewis is a faithful and devoted husband who has the honor of being married to First Lady Denice Lewis. They have 8 sensational children. “A true leader is not just a leader when it’s convenient. When everything is going right. When all the people are following you. . . A true leader is one who is willing to lead first, himself.”Please leave us a rating and subscribe so that you never miss an episode. For more inspirational content visit:

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