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Let Freedom Rule

Bob Christopher - Just a Minute!

Published on 10/11/2018

In our modern, progressive society everything goes. Autonomy is the rule of the day. Every person a law unto themselves. So whatever makes you feel good is okay. Now our culture equates autonomy with freedom. But they are not one and the same. Autonomy says, all things are lawful for me. Freedom says, not all things are helpful. Autonomy says, everything is permissible. But freedom says, I will not be enslaved by anything. Autonomy says, seek my own good. Freedom says, seek the good of your neighbor. Believer, you were called to be free, not autonomous. And there is only one way to live in that freedom and that’s by the power of the Holy Spirit. So stand firm in your freedom. Walk in the spirit. And allow him to show the world what true freedom is through you.

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