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Weekend Messages from the Flatirons Community Church teaching team. Flatirons Community Church has three Colorado campuses: Lafayette, West Golden, and Denver. Lead Pastor: Jim Burgen. Teaching Pastor: Scott Nickell.
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Light - IS HE the Light of Your World

Flatirons Community Church

Published on 12/24/2007

You know that feeling when you walk from darkness into light? When you turn on the bathroom light first thing in the morning, when you step from a dark movie theater into the sunshine? It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. It's uncomfortable at first because light totally invades and overwhelms darkness. In reality there is no such thing as dark, only the absence of light. In the Bible, John describes Jesus as the light that shines in the darkness that cannot be overcome. Jesus described Himself as the light of the world. Could it be that the birth of Jesus was more than just a silent night, but an aggressive invasion of light and hope into a world suffering from the absence of light?

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