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Ligon Duncan on Shocking Grace for a Pagan Woman

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Published on 11/27/2020

Ligon Duncan delivered a message from Mark 7:24-30 at the Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference titled “A Pagan Woman Who Understands Grace.” In his message, Duncan addressed what the passage teaches about Jesus’s mission and what the Syrophoenician woman’s response teaches about his person.The response of the disciples and even Jesus’s own words in response to the woman pleading with him for mercy are shocking, to say the least. Yet, after further review, the interchange reveals a pagan woman who understood grace in a way that even Jesus’s own followers did not and offers us the opportunity to do the same. This episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast is brought to you by Operation Christmas Child. You can build a shoebox online and OCC will pack for you based on your selections. These shoeboxes are delivered into hard-to-reach areas in and effort to share the gospel. To start building, visit

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