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Listen to teaching from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado with lead pastor Josh Lindstrom and other teachers. We seek to Love Well • Change Lives • Through Christ. This simple statement reminds us of why we exist. It tells us how to live and what we are striving for.
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Make Disciples, Matthew 28:16-20

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 10/18/2015

Jesus calls us to go share the gospel and teach those who would trust in Christ. He promises us his abiding presences until the end of time. What we are attempting together is really just obedience to Christ’s call on our lives. This call is to be taken up in our communities together, trusting in the varied gifts given and working together to the glory of Christ. We submit to the authority of Christ (vs. 16-18) We obey the commands of Christ (vs. 19-20a) We rest in the presence of Christ (vs. 20b)SONGS You Make Me Brave How He Loves Waiting Here For You All The Poor And Powerless You Make Me Brave

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