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Connecting people to Jesus and one another. The weekly audio podcast of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. Featuring Senior Minister Dave Stone and Teaching Minister Kyle Idleman.
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Mantra: Empty the Jar

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 11/17/2019

When the sinful woman emptied her jar on Jesus’ feet, she embodied the true worship that He had come to find. The beauty of Jesus is only visible to those who’ve seen the ugliness of their rebellion against God. Unlike Simon, the woman in this story knew she was unworthy to come into Jesus’ presence. Even so, Jesus didn’t just receive her gift; He affirmed it as an act of worship more precious to him than whatever Simon may have laid out on his table. Like her, the love of Christ compels us to become informal, expressive, and extravagant in the way we demonstrate our love for Him—even if it means offending a few religious people along the way. In our worship and service, Jesus is calling us to break open and empty out our metaphorical jars upon His feet. It’s not so much that He needs our gifts; He wants them. The gifts we bring don’t just glorify Him; they transform us. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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