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Published on 06/22/2007

The Intern Episode :: Plus, the week’s news and entertainment, your close encounters feedback, mascot cheating and more … Jesse here, giving an update about this weekâ€s episode of the RELEVANT Podcast. This week, we decided to take a break from the Summer Music Extravaganza and try out a new segment, “Meet the Interns.” You may have read posts on the Intern Blog lately and seen that we have quite the crew this summer. Itâ€s kind of like working at a reality show. Imagine The Apprentice meets The Real World meets … The Deadliest Catch (well that last one is a little bit of an exaggeration, because I just really like that show, but the Real World/Apprentice thing is spot on). Anyways, since the Intern Blog has become such a hotbed of comedy, drama and discussion (where people start getting real), we decided to expand it over to the podcast. As youâ€ll see today (and the weeks to come) hilarity ensues). Also this week, we read from your feedback about “Close Encounters” and you donâ€t disappoint. I think my favorite story involved the New Kids on the Block and Dweezil Zappa (youâ€ll just have to hear it) . Anyways, enjoy the show everyone! See you next week On the June 22 edition of the RELEVANT Podcast, we asked you for submissions for a RELEVANT Podcast mascot. We got several great entries, which are below. Help us decide which (if any) should become our official mascot. Post your choices in the comments section below. David Michael Moore: David submitted the RELEPHANT mascot, and then a couple of days later sent a comic strip illustrating his travels to the RELEVANT office. Evan Peck: "It’s crucial to realize that Urs can travel in packs of thousands. Thousands." Tony: Tony names his mascot "Annie The Mascot." For "Annie-time… Annie-where." Brian Hellam: The Mighty Relevant Podcast Fighting Bird Smoothie. "Need I say more?" Ty Maier: "Since the mascot will probably be showing up in the Podcast pic I decided to put *them* in for you guys. I decided that just 1 mascot alone could not be better than red. So, we need a team of mascots. There are 4 of them. There are the twins, Russell and Bert. Russell is always working out and has an awkwardly huge smile all the time. Bert has a gun, ‘nuff said, There is also RocketMan. As the title states, he is on a rocket/missile. He is from Texas. And of course there is an usher. Why? I have no idea, but he looks really cool with his ‘stache." Aaron Maurer: "The mascot is, of course, Stephen the Jesus Christ Lizard. You know the deal: these things can actually sort of run across water and they look really goofy doing it. Why Stephen? Well, in addition to being the name of both the first Christian martyr and Mr. Colbert, I think using normal human names for animals imparts an extra degree of hilarity. Like naming a dog Eugene." Trent Ahern: This mascot poster is for the "U of Relevant Magazine" Jake Neumann: Jake’s idea was the koallifish from a previous episode, but slightly modified. Why should it be the mascot, you may ask? Jake says because "it represents the podcast very well, with its cute lovableness, and when I think of your show, I think of all of the joy that that koallifish and your podcast has brought me."

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