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May Day! May Day!

Bob Christopher - Just a Minute!

Published on 06/09/2017

MAY Day, May Day I’m sinking…”This was the opening line of an e-mail I received recently. It got my attention.The gentleman went on to say, “I am what some have said to be a doubting Thomas.Faith is hard for me. I’ve asked Christ to come into my life many times but have never experienced the power of the Spirit…I’m just tired of the struggle.I’ve been there. I’ve experienced doubts haunted. This may be you right now.If so let me tell you there is only one person who can erase those doubts. His name is Jesus. SO STOP trying to erase them yourself. YOU CAN’T. and turn your eyes to the author and finisher of your faith YOU’LL FIND REST AND ASSURANCE IN HIM.

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