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Monday, May 18, 2020

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - The Briefing

Published on 05/18/2020

DOCUMENTATION AND ADDITIONAL READING PART 1 (0:0 - 13:5): ────────────────── Massive Changes in the Retail Landscape: What Do the Downfalls of JCPenney, Sears, and Neiman Marcus Mean? NEW YORK TIMES (BEN CASSELMAN AND SAPNA MAHESHWARI) When Shoppers Venture Out, What Will Be Left? PART 2 (13:6 - 18:12): ────────────────── Big Questions for America’s Retail Sector on the Other Side of the Pandemic: A Look at Consumer Economic Behavior PART 3 (18:13 - 24:45): ────────────────── Government Spending Is Way Up and Everyone Is Seemingly Fine With It: The Danger of Debt in the Christian Worldview NEW YORK TIMES (JIM TANKERSLEY) How Washington Learned to Embrace the Budget Deficit

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