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Published on 01/22/2016

This week on the RELEVANT Podcast, MUTEMATH comes on the show to walk us through a few of their favorite tracks from their critically acclaimed new album “Vitals”. Also, we have an enlightening conversation with Michelle Higgins about the #blacklivesmatter movement and Jeremiah finally gets the surprise birthday he’s never dreamed of having. EPISODE SPONSOR QALO is the maker of silicone wedding rings for active couples. QALO rings are made from 100% medical grade silicone and provide a comfortable, functional alternative to traditional metal wedding bands. Click the logo and use promo code “RELEVANT” to get 15% off any purchase. EPISODE MUSIC 1. DJ Snake, ‘Middle (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)’ 2. Deap Vally, ‘Royal Jelly’ 3. Rationale, ‘Something For Nothing’ 4. Tigertown, ‘Bullet From the Gun’ 5. Arima Ederra, ‘Trippin’ on U’ 6. George Michael, ‘Careless Whisper’ ADDITIONAL LINKS MUTEMATH Follow MUTEMATH on Twitter Purchase “Vitals” Michelle Higgins QUESTION OF THE WEEK WHAT SHOULD EDDIE AND JESSE NAME THEIR COMEDY DUO?

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