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Blackhawk Church’s mission is to build a loving community that follows Christ in order to reach a community that is lost without Him.
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Next Steps // Q & A on Race with Pastor Charles Yu | 11.25.2020

Blackhawk Church Podcast

Published on 11/25/2020

In this special bonus episode, we do a Q & A with Pastor Charles Yu on the topic of race. In this wide-ranging conversation, Charles answers questions about how to define race, systemic racism, Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, Blackhawk’s multi-cultural vision, and the next steps we can take as individuals. 4:40 – Charles’ background, 6:39 - defining race, 12:58 - race as a social construct, 14:43 - systemic racism, 32:25 - the Christian faith’s solution for racial injustice, 37:41 - differences between the social justice movement and the Kingdom of God, 42:35 - critical race theory, 47:18 - Black Lives Matter and BH’s involvement with the rally over the summer, 51:29 - Blackhawk’s multi-cultural vision, 55:49 - How should I proceed as an individual? Resources mentioned in this episode: Racism without Racists, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva // Red-lining map website - // The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein // Phil Vischer videos – Part One:, Part Two: // Biased, Jennifer Eberhardt // 13th (movie) - // Race resources on our website - // Email Tiffany at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining a Race and Faith discussion group! // Contact us at [email protected] // Music by Travis Agnew

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