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Nik Wallenda

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Published on 11/07/2014

This week we take you to Chicago as we experience – in-person – Nik Wallenda’s record-breaking untethered and blindfolded tightrope walk. We give you our thoughts before, during and after the event, we let you hear from Wallenda himself, and just wait til you hear what happens with Osteen . Also this week, our old podcasting friend Calvin is back (along with his lists), the Olive Garden challenge gets real, and Jesse gives us a neighbor Joe update. EPISODE SPONSOR A big thanks to our sponsor, Squarespace, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website. For a free trial, click the logo and get 10% off your first purchase on new accounts when you use offer code “RELEVANT.” EPISODE SPONSOR With snacks that you can feel good about, NatureBox is a subscription service that offers the ability to discover and enjoy delicious and nutritious snacks on a monthly basis. Dried fruits, whole wheat fig bars, all kinds of granola, savory or sweet, anything you want! Click the logo above to get a FREE sample box of some of their most loved snacks. EPISODE MUSIC Janelle Monae, “Tightrope (Feat. Big Boi)” Haim, “The Wire” The Postal Service, “Such Great Heights” Sugar & The Hi Lows, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” The Rolling Stones, “Highwire” FEATURED VIDEOS Nik Wallenda Conquers Chicago Skyline ADDITIONAL LINKS Skyscraper Live with Nik Wallenda Follow Nik Wallenda on Twitter Read Jesse’s article about Nik Wallenda QUESTION OF THE WEEK How does Nik Wallenda top this? Or in other words, how does Nik Wallenda give himself more goosebumps?

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