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Max Lucado is a preacher with a storyteller's gift — a pastor's heart and a poet's pen. Max's message is simple: God loves you; let him. Max serves the people of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. He preaches and writes to the hurting, the guilty, the lonely, the discouraged.
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On Tiptoe Watching

Max Lucado

Published on 03/07/2018

It’s funny how Scripture remembers different people. Abraham is remembered as trusting; John as loving; Paul’s place is carved out by his writing. But Simeon was the man… looking! Eight days after the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the temple. Luke 2:27 contains this curious statement: “Prompted by the Spirit, he (Simeon) came to the Temple.” The previous verse 26 tells us “The Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he would not die until he had seen him—God’s anointed King.” Simeon was a man on tiptoe, wide-eyed and waiting for the one who would come to save Israel. Haven’t we, like Simeon, been told of … Listen NowFor more inspirational messages please visit Max Lucado.

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