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One at a Time: One Conversation At A Time

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 01/26/2020

We have them every single day of our lives: conversations. And within each conversation we carry the opportunity to press deeper into the heart of the person in front of us. For Jesus, merely interacting with the woman in John 4 was a conversation in itself, but He took it one step further. He saw her, He acknowleged her, and He pressed in even when she stepped back. Jesus took the conversation as an opportunity to invite her into a life she didn’t even know was an option. We don’t know much about her life after this conversation, but we know that it caused her to go back and invite others to experience it for themselves. We can never now how fully God can use one conversation to bring someone to greater understanding of Him. And when the world steps back from these kinds of conversations, we want to commit this year to being people who press in for the sake of helping others experience this true life. Speaker: Matt Reagan

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