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One at a Time: One Dollar At A Time

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 01/19/2020

In God’s economy, the most generous are the ones who truly recognize and respond in faith to the One who owns it all to begin with. These are the ones who see that money may give lifestyles, but it does not give life. While this is easy to say, it is hard to live. This week as we look at the story of a poor widow who gave her all, we want to take an honest assessment of whether or not our lives reflect her example. For her, the offering spoke of the way she lived her life- sacrificially. Everything she did- from her words to her finances reflected true faith in the God who provides it all. Imagine what would happen if we looked at each dollar as a name and gave it over with great faith? Offerings that not only cost us, but that force us into faith in a God who provides it all. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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