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One Question: May...?

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 10/31/2010

It is important not to confuse the "May" question with a "Can" question. The difference being, the "Can" question is used to ask if something is possible, while the "May" question is used to ask if something is permissible; asking for permission. Maybe a better way of phrasing how we might ask this question to God is, "God is it OK if?" Typically these questions are about those grey areas, those areas and situations that the Bible does not seem to specifically address such as watching/reading Harry Potter, trick or treating, dancing, dating, getting a tattoo, or having an alcoholic beverage. Were going to take a look at how Paul responds to the church in Corinth that was asking Paul the "May" question about a lot of grey areas where they wanted to know what okay or permissible.

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