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One Question: When...?

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 10/17/2010

You know the one thing I dont like about God? He doesnt seem to be very punctual. It just always seems like He is running a little bit late. In Genesis we read Gods promise to Abraham—he would be the father of a great nation. But the question, "When are we going to have a child?" seemed to be asked by Sarah and Abraham for years. Have you ever asked that question? In Genesis 29 we read about Jacob. He is in love with a Rachel but is tricked into marrying her sister Leah, whom he does not love. Yet, for years it seems that Leah is asking God the same question that many of you are asking, "When God will you heal my marriage?" In Genesis 37 we read about Joseph. He has a dream where God is communicating to him that one day he will hold a prominent position and rule over many people. Years later in a prison cell in Egypt he must have questioned (as some of us have), "When is my dream ever going to come true?" In Exodus 2 we read about Moses being born in Egypt during a terrible time of injustice for Gods people. Eventually Moses leaves Egypt for Midian, but the question is left hanging for us, "God, when are you going to make things right?" God just seems so slow.

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