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One Question: Why...?

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 10/10/2010

Last week we placed a display in our atrium so that our guest and members could write down the questions on their heart. This week we will look at the question: Why? I have taken a sampling of questions off of the board, some of which made me laugh like, "Why does everyone force me to eat spaghetti?" But for each one that made me laugh there were dozens that made me want to cry like, "Why is there so much pain in the world?" "Why is life on earth so hard?" "Why do both of my children have cancer?" "Why did you take another baby from us?" "Why am I not my daddys Cinderella?" "Why did you take my daughter 4 weeks ago?" The "Why" God questions usually tend to stem from pain and hurts that we have experienced. There are some dangerous answers to the why questions that you sometimes hear these days.

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