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Ownership Rights: Accountability

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 03/13/2011

Last week Dave mentioned that statistically the average American will make 2 million dollars over the next 35 years. So as we talk about money management, the question is not hypothetical. We all have a responsibility to not only to be good stewards of our money but also to realize that we must be accountable with what we have been entrusted with. We have been studying the parable in Matthew 25 usually called the "parable of the talents" or the "parable of the bags of gold." In the opening scene we saw that the money was not theirs, but belonged to the master. In scene two of this story we saw what the servants did with the money, which is stewardship—managing the resources that God has entrusted to us. This week we are moving on to scene three of Matthew 25. Here we will find that the Master has returned and he holds the servants accountable for how they managed the resources he entrusted to them.

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