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Weekend Messages from the Flatirons Community Church teaching team. Flatirons Community Church has three Colorado campuses: Lafayette, West Golden, and Denver. Lead Pastor: Jim Burgen. Teaching Pastor: Scott Nickell.
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Playground - Home Base

Flatirons Community Church

Published on 11/17/2007

Remember the playground? Monkey bars, swings, tag, four square, picking teams, playing kickball? The playground was a place of freedom after being imprisoned in a classroom all day being told to sit still and be quiet. Remember running... oops, i mean, walking, single file, quietly from class to recess... only to find that there were "Playground Rules"? Rules? Why? Why, in a place designed for fun and freedom would there be rules, boundaries, teachers with whistles? What's the point? In this series we are going to explore some of God's most famous "rules" and ask the same questions. Is God really into rules? Or is there something else He's much more concerned about?

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